What is the next gerenation of content

I am very curious about private and undiscovered data about people on web.

I like searching information about them on internet via google, even so he/she is my best close friend or my sister,

I love put her/his name or phone number on google search box and spend many time on reading result pages.

Sometimes during the conversation with a cauleage or a friend, I mention the information that has been found earlier and destroy her or his privacy,

I really sorry about that and nowadays try hard to change this bad habit. unfortunately, until now my efforts have not lead to a great improvment.

definitly It will take long time to happen, because It has been rooted in my mind and become a unconscious behavoir.

One day, I was searching about term “shabanali” and suddenly I founded a hidden instagram account that belong to mohammadreza. I surprised,

Then I ask myself: hey man, It’s account of one guru that everyday and everwhere he swear social networks such as instagram or facebook, so what is this?

but I deldariلبخند myself: man, think positive, you don’t know antyhing about his, Maybe there some hekmatلبخند behind that, please dont gezavat fast,لبخند 

Sorry Mohammad Reza, I going to share one of your post that has been published there, pardon me.

Have you ever seen russian nested dolls?

Contents and Containers have such a relationship.

Every content can be a container for the other content.

PC was a container and Windows was a content for it.

Then Windows itself became a container and

Applications became the new generation of content.

Then applications became the container and

Web (Interconnected data) became the content.

Nowadays, social networks are the latest containers.

What’s your content and how it will become the container in future?

P.S: I want to answer the last question from my point of view: motamem.org is and will be the content.