A tip for studying better

I have a habit (not completely a habid but try to be) in reading book or listening to audiobook or watching movie:

I don’t like to read or watch a whole content in on day, instead I break a long content to small parts, so a piece of content can be read or watched in 25 minutes (one pomodoro) 

If you like to find more information about pomodoro technique, please refer to motamem.org, especially a comment has written by my friend tahereh khabari لبخند

For example, I am reading a book entitled “Hooked” this days, written by Nir Eyal

(I apologize for stealing its ebook format from web, unfortunately I was Hooked by a digital service named libgen. )لبخند

I spend 25 minutes in studying this book everyday.

But as I finish a part of book or digital file, I began to worry weather I will find the Exit Point after some days?

I know we can use bookmark feature, but I use a very simple pdf reader on my computer (not a high professional ebook reader) also, I think there is no bookmark button on video or audio player.

I have found a solution and now I want to explain a useful tip.

I don’t recommend that you use the tip, in fact, I suggest that you test it.

It maybe help you to remember the time or point that you have left the book or file.


You just add Exit Point (such as page number or minute) to the rest of the file name, according  to the screenshot below:



 This trick join two parts of a content like a bridge join two parts of a city.