Shadow of our mind

About two weeks ago, I was searching term “zanjan” on instagram, my own city’s name, where I live now. At every page, what I can see was somthing like screenshot below. full of photos about religious ceremony called Ashura and related events.

few weeks ago: instagram result page based on location “zanjan”

It seems a liitle unusual because often the mojarity of uploaded materials on this soical network are fancy and sometimes shameful. something like image below. I have taken it today:

Today: instagram result page based on location “zanjan”


During muahrram month, what I see from iranian users’ uploaded content is very different from other months.

I think there isn’t such of kind of paradox at social networks that are used by other nations and nationalities.

This issue especially belong to iran and maybe some other countries.

In other word, As well as iranian people have a dual lifestyles in physical world, we can see the same duality on digital world.

This story of Ashura on instagram may confirm this theory.

Consider social network a shadow of human minds on digital screen, These days iranian completely show a image of their mentality on social networks.