Ignore the negative comment

Yesterday I put a comment on my dear friend’s blog, foad anasi. It was about How do we, as bloggers, deal with negative comments.

because some people think opposite of me and share your own harsh and negative thoughts on my personal blog. personal blog is like a home and a private territory and owner of it can do anything like murdering or killing someone 🙂

So we are two solutions: ignoring their comment or  replying the comment. I prefer to not reply to them because it waste my time and make me angry and depressed. instead of dialoguing with some stranger or trolls I can read our friends’ weblog and nice and useful posts.

3 thoughts on “Ignore the negative comment”

  1. Dear Ali

    It is always nice to see you are writing in English. However, I would recommend to make some minor, even tiny editions on your post, and then your writings will be the greatest ones; almost as your Persian ones.

    Thanks for your attention to this message.
    Kind Regards

    • Thank you Yavar for your kind advise, I’ll take it in account, as you know I am at beginning of writing English text and need for your help in the future. Sometime because of my laziness I don’t come back and review my written sentences and make some tiny or terrible mistakes. your comment made my so happy and I got a lot of energy and motivation to continue at this way.

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